Project management

SKU proliferation is creating a drive for increased quality and much shorter turnaround times. More and more projects need to meet ever tighter deadlines.

And even very specific labels and flexibles projects need to be managed successfully by people who are not necessarily well versed in all the design, print or finishing technicalities.

Must see at Labelexpo 2019

  • Esko Share & Approve
  • WebCenter for Labels
  • Webcenter Dashboards

Quickly Share & Approve your labels

Make packaging approvals up to 3 times shorter with the Share & Approve platform. Use the unique, cloud-based tool to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels, in hyper realistic 3D.

Get rid of delays
Approvals are often confusing and regularly cause production delays. Plus, there’s no easy way to gather and interpret feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Enter Share & Approve

  • State of the art viewer for accurate approval management
  • Easy to use – no user training required
  • Reduce approval cycles to days instead of weeks
  • Visualize your labels on the packaging in 3D

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WebCenter Quickstart

Manage the whole process flow!

The next great productivity boost can be gained by managing your whole process!

Esko’s WebCenter  for Labels is a turnkey solution for label converters. It allows converters to manage their process flows with standardization and digitization and move to a ‘paper less office’!

WebCenter for Labels is the easiest way for converters to reduce the amount of manual order processing. This enables converters to deal with the ever increasing number of smaller jobs.

Boost capacity by 45%

WebCenter cross device

Shorten project delivery times

To shorten delivery times, companies are automating where possible, streamlining the flow of data across teams and systems (both internal and external). Jobs can be created automatically by client systems, and stakeholders have visibility on what they need, when they need it, with comprehensive reporting and powerful yet simple user interfaces.

Reduce project delivery times by 25%