Color Management

How can companies deal with the increased complexity of mixed printing environments -digital, flexo, gravure, offset? And how can they achieve color consistency across an ever-growing number of substrates and production locations?

Esko and X-Rite offer smart solutions that allow companies to get the most out of their workflows.

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  • Color Preflight in Automation Engine
  • Equinox: extended gamut printing
  • Support for mixed printing processes

Color Preflight

Color Preflight for Automation Engine increases the efficiency of the press. It allows operators to use the most efficient ink set and reduce unnecessary print time (and clicks). Color Preflight for Automation Engine also allows you to make use of EPM with confidence: decide on EPM (or another print mode) based on objective criteria.

HP Indigo customers report 15% reduction in number of clicks used and 17 hours extra press capacity per month.

Reduce number of clicks by 15%
HP Indigo 8000

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Press environment

Support for mixed printing processes

With Support for Mixed Printing Processes, Esko Automation Engine sets up an automated prepress workflow with an intelligent router that checks the printing process metadata, routing each separation through a dedicated path of an automated workflow.

The result: faster throughput, greater flexibility, more uptime, improved quality of output without duplicate efforts.

Extended gamut printing

Extended gamut printing with Equinox, for example, enables profitable production of short run jobs on conventional flexo presses. Customers to reduce job changeover times and press downtime, produce more short-run jobs per day, and reduce media waste and ink inventories.

Increase press uptime by 50%
Extended gamut printing

X-Rite Pantone PantoneLIVE

Intelligent color management

X-Rite’s newest PantoneLIVE offerings, coupled with the company’s most sophisticated ink formulation software and color measurement devices, improve converters’ speed to market by reducing set-up time and eliminating physical on-press approvals.