3D Design

With the explosion in the number of SKUs, packaging design teams really have their work cut out for them. They need to quickly and accurately create designs that meet the brand’s strictest specifications. How can you improve time-to-market, when you’re challenged to design eye catching labels for an ever-increasing number of variations?

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  • Design and present your packaging in 3D
  • Accurately pre-distort for shrink sleeves with the click of a button
  • Simulate packaging in a virtual store

Increase your design productivity

Studio delivers 3D tools specifically created for packaging design professionals, right within Adobe® Illustrator®. With Studio’s toolkits, you can create accurate 3D models for labels, round containers, flexible bags and shrink sleeves in minutes. Add your artwork in 2D and Studio instantly shows the result live, in interactive 3D. The built-in Studio Shapes Store contains hundreds of common packaging shapes ready for use, making your life even easier.

Reduce design time by over 80%
Studio Toolkit for Labels

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Create better packaging

With Studio, you can create more concepts in a fraction of the time . With more time for design, you can upsell your capabilities for increased profit margins. Test different substrates, inks, varnishes, foils, holograms to achieve the perfect look that gets attention on shelf. The patented print modeling accurately predicts how the packaging will look before it’s even been produced!

Reduce costs and increase speed

Sharing 3D designs and concepts with clients is easy. Studio exports perfectly rendered packshots for presentation, review and approval. Because Studio works with the actual production artwork, these images are always in sync with the final printed packaging. You can also reduce costs by replacing physical prototypes and samples with 3D virtual mockups . And the free Studio Viewers for desktop and mobile devices brings interactive 3D to everyone, anywhere – you can even showcase your designs in stunning Augmented Reality.

Reduce your costs for physical prototypes by over +90%
Store Visualizer

Building a complete virtual retail environment

See your packaging designs, on shelf , with the rest of the brand and next to the competition . With Studio Store Visualizer, you can present a complete product launch in 3D, including retail-ready packaging, displays, signs and other branded items. Integration with planogram systems populates entire shelves or stores automatically, based on your retail specifications. Test the visual impact of your latest design prototypes where it matters most: on the store shelf.